Hi, welcome to my web site.  Glad you made it.  I'm a writer.  Unfortunately, at present I cannot put any shiny adjectives in front of "writer"--things like "renowned" or "award-winning," or even "successful."  The only accurate adjectives at present are "part-time"...and "published."  I am working toward those others. 
If you look around at the other pages, you'll find some info on what I write, including a brief synopsis of one of my as yet unpublished novels, any announcements I might have about successes or really dismal failures.  The routine failures may or may not be shared.  And in the blog you might find anything, from political harangues to movie or book recommendations to irrelevant and maybe irreverent observations.

One note: the artwork that will appear here and there on these pages was done by the late George Waiss, cartoonist and film animator.  Most of these were done just for fun after he retired and I wanted to share them with the world.  You will probably notice a common theme.

Please enjoy your stay here and come back often.  I will try very hard to add something to the blog at least once a week--but that might be Saturday or Sunday.

I want to emphasize some links that have been helpful and/or entertaining for me and may be for you.If you are at all serious about writing, check out 

Some good free reading can be found at www.pagespineficshowcase.com

And another worthwhile website is n.k.wagner52@gmail.com

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